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What makes Tai Chi an ideal workout for adults?

  • Movements you can practice anywhere
  • Builds strength
  • Reduces stress and boosts the spirit
  • Low-impact workouts for every ability level
  • Increases energy
  • Keeps the mind active and alert

The ancient wisdom of Tai Chi can do much more to slow down the impact of age than wrinkle creams, diets, and healthy eating alone.

Why? Because Tai Chi has helped people just like you strengthen their connection to their body, mind, and spirit for hundreds of years.

The movements of Tai Chi help you become more balanced, fit, and healthy, and also teach you how to tune into your body to better understand what causes aches and pains, as well as what feels good.

That means more fun and adventure, and enjoying your life to the fullest.
Watch the video above to learn more of the basic movements that will kickstart your Tai Chi journey.

While the movements may seem simple, the more you practice, the faster you can:

  • Become more fit and agile
  • Experience less rigidity and more flexibility – physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • Minimize potential risk of falling
  • Boost your energy and zest for life
  • Be more mindful and present in the now
  • Understand energy flow, and learn to use your muscles and align your body in a way that essentially defeats gravity
  • Stand taller and straighter
  • Reduce muscle and joint pain

… And feel healthier and younger, inside and out.


Learn more about Chi Force’s Head Instructor, Grandmaster Ren:

Master Ren was born in China and is proud to have learned the art of Tai Chi in its modern birthplace: the Chen Village.

As a student and disciple of Chen Style Tai Chi Lineage Holder Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, Master Ren soon caught the eye of martial arts enthusiasts in the US in the early 1980’s, where he won championship titles in Tai Chi hand forms, weapons forms, and push-hands.

While Master Ren stopped competing in the US in 1998, he continued to compete (and win) in elite competitions around the world.

Over the years, his extraordinary skills and warm personality have landed him celebrity clientele including the late Lou Reed—who had credited Master Ren with adding 10 years to his life — as well as features in many major media platforms. He’s appeared on ESPN, The National Examiner, the Late Show on CBS, and has been profiled on the covers of Kung Fu Qigong (the predecessor of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine), Qi Magazine, Journal of Asian Martial Arts, World Journal Weekly Magazine, Inside Kung-Fu Magazine, and Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine, and more. He has also collaborated on a number of books, articles, and Tai Chi teaching DVD’s.

Master Ren continues to devote himself to teaching and improving the health and mindset of his students, as well as initiating new Tai Chi practitioners in the C.A.R.E. method, assisting each student to progress in their practice by being Calm, Alert, Relaxed and Energized.


Learn more about Chi Force’s Teaching Assosciate, Alan Bandes

Alan has been practicing Tai Chi since 1976. He first started with the Yang style under the tutelage of Master CK Chu in Manhattan where he gained insights into the basics of Tai Chi and meditation.

For the past 17 years he has studied with Grand Master Ren Guang Yi who teaches the original form of Tai Chi, the Chen style. Through his relationship with Grand Master Ren, he has gained a deep understanding of Tai Chi as it relates to the mind-body experience, meditation and self-defense. Nine years ago, Alan was humbled when Grand Master Ren encouraged him to teach Chen Tai Chil

Alan’s classes are geared towards the individual. Classes consist of four basic elements: Standing Mountain (a form of meditation), Silk Reeling, beginner’s forms and advanced forms including weapons.

All classes include both group and individual activities to help each student maximize their potential. Alan’s main goal is to provide enough insight to help each student become their own teacher so that they can carry on the concepts of Tai Chi beyond the classroom.

Alan has taught students who have ranged in age from their 20’s through their 80’s. His Tai Chi knowledge has helped him gain insights to help students who have come to him with back pain, knee pain, balance issues, Parkinson’s and stress related problems. Recently he has been asked by the organization Support Connection, to teach Tai Chi to women with breast and ovarian cancer.

According to Alan, Tai Chi is not a miracle cure for anything, but with continued effort and practice students can improve their quality of life. Based on his accrued knowledge of Tai Chi and of life, he helps guide his students to learn how to cultivate what the Chinese philosophers refer to as the three treasures: mind, body, spirit.