28 lessons in 28 days

Are you ready to make Tai Chi a part of your life?

This special, limited-time only, program is designed to help you make Tai Chi a part of your daily routine.

Join Master Ren’s 28 Days of Tai Chi Challenge today and reserve your spot in this transformational program for only $1 a day. Watch a high-quality lesson online every day covering a wide range of topics and feel the difference that Tai Chi can make in your life. Studies have shown that people who consistently practice Tai Chi enjoy benefits such as more energy, better balance, more confidence, and less stress. They also have a reduced risk of falling, and better quality of life.

What do you get when you enter the challenge? Participants will receive a daily Tai Chi lesson (usually around 5-10 minutes) for 28 consecutive days. Lessons are instructional and educational and cover topics such as Silk Reeling, Standing Mountain, Tai Chi Fundamentals as well as live classes with Chi Force instructors. Our instructor-led practice sessions will help you understand and review what you learn each week and give you a chance to ask questions and get answers in real-time.

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Chi Force’s phased, progressive program is unique from traditional follow-along classes. Our modern method combines in-depth, detailed study to break down concepts and movements, with support from online, live classes that solidify your training and knowledge.

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  • 28 Lessons