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New Courses

28 lessons in 28 days Are you ready to make Tai Chi a part of your life? This special, limited-time only, program is designed to help you make Tai Chi a part of your daily routine. Join Master Ren’s 28 Days of Tai Chi Challenge today and reserve your spot in this transformational program for […]

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28 Lessons
Sharpen your ability to coordinate your eyes and your hands with this QuickStart program featuring Alan Bandes and Jon Miller. Learn Tai Chi techniques that will help you improve your strength, focus, and coordination.

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4 Lessons
Welcome to Chi Force’s exclusive course on Tai Chi for Pregnant Women. Tai Chi for Pregnant Women is a powerful regimen for maintaining stability, strength, and relaxation during pregnancy – even during the last trimester. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, (ACOG), identifies the following physical challenges that occur during pregnancy. All of which […]

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5 Lessons
Silk Reeling is recommended for students who have finished the Fundamentals section. It builds upon all the principles covered in the previous lessons. In the Silk Reeling, students will be ready to learn from Master Ren who will introduce students to theses carefully crafted exercises. They are based on the principles and practices of Chen Tai Chi and […]

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10 Lessons
Introduction Learn advanced Tai Chi fundamentals in this course hosted by Alan Bandes and Jon Miller.

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9 Lessons
Become the mountain and feel the strength and balance you can generate with this simple yet profound practice developed by Master Ren. Standing strong and developing a firm sense of alignment are the focus in this standing movement series that can be practiced as a daytime or midday routine.  

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3 Lessons
Introduction Tai Chi is something you never truly master, which is why even Grand Masters of Tai Chi still practice every day. This series of lessons will help you understand the basics of Tai Chi principles both mentally and physically and how to integrate them into your daily activities. This series teaches how Tai Chi […]

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4 Lessons








Courses Completed

Featured Instructors

Master Ren

A push hands world champion, and celebrated student of Master Chen Xiowang.

Alan and Jon

Featured in our fundamentals course, this duo of instructors will teach you the basics.

Stephan Berwick

Co-designed the Tai Chi for Pregnancy course and an original student of Master Ren.


Always available to answer questions, our Chi Force Community Advisor.

“Whether you’re learning Tai Chi basics or an advanced form study, this community offers it all, especially, extremely helpful and friendly support at any time. I couldn’t be happier.”

Liz Applegate

Chi Force Student

Let's Talk about Tai Chi

Liz has been learning Tai Chi online with Master Ren and his team for almost 2 years. She has discovered how to manage her pain, improve her balance, and regain her confidence. Watch this video and listen to how Tai Chi has changed the way she views the world.