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Chi Force features the globally in-demand Tai Chi instructor, Ren Guangyi .  Affectionately known as “Master Ren”, he pioneered the exhibit of Tai Chi at the Turin Winter Olympics, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Sydney Opera House, as well as NBC’s David Letterman Show and BBC’s Top of the Pops.  You can now learn from Master Ren at home and see why Harvard Medical School ranked Tai Chi as one of the top 2 exercises for adults.  Discover why now.

Proven Techniques

Ren Guangyi, 任广义 was trained directly by the founding family of Tai Chi, and is the mentor to many luminaries across business, media, and the arts – including the legendary rock musician and poet, Lou Reed. The Chi Force course curriculum is crafted and taught by a team with a combined century of experience.

Tai Chi Unveiled Summer Retreat

Saturday & Sunday, August 3-4

Back by Popular DemandThe essence of authentic Tai Chi lies in energy-releasing body structure. Tai Chi Unveiled is a rare opportunity to learn and feel the core elements of this powerful body and mind method directly with Master Ren Guangyi and Chi Force’s expert team of instructors.

Combining stillness and movement training, the workshop will change your energy and open your eyes to what Tai Chi really is.

Participants will gain a command of all the underlying elements of the Tai Chi body and mind method – core to why Harvard Medical School placed Tai Chi on their short list of best exercise for health and well-being!


Tai Chi is the Proven Method to Transform and Re-energize Yourself

Ancient knowledge and emerging science come together in Tai Chi. The Chi Force Tai Chi method is solidly based on a traditional martial arts system with three centuries of proven experience to promote the body’s energy flow and wellness. Developed by Master Ren Guangyi and his senior students, who are experienced Tai Chi teachers themselves, Chi Force is as an innovative, progressive training protocol designed to open your energy blockages to foster the proper flow of energy, and thus restore balance and harmony in your body for you to maintain good physical and mental health.


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Not quite ready for a full membership? Try our Tai Chi Qigong Fundamentals for an introduction to our courses.


Industry-Leading Progressive Training

Chi Force offers an exclusive trifecta of progressive foundational training not available anywhere else online.  Our exclusive Foundations program provides detailed training in the 3 core requirements for success in Tai Chi and Chi Gong:  Body Mechanics, Structure, and Balanced Movement.  Chi Force is proud to offer this exclusive, much needed training, at an affordable price for all.

Tai Chi Qigong Fundamentals

Phase I

Chi Force Fundamentals introduces you to Tai Chi and Qigong’s concepts and core movements including stepping and torso rotation

Standing Mountain Qigong

Phase 2
Posture and Strength

Standing Mountain Qigong is the foundational course that teaches the posture and mind/body connection that underpin all Tai Chi and Qigong practice

Silk Reeling Qigong

Phase 3
Balanced Movement

Deepen your practice with Tai Chi Qigong Silk Reeling and Energy Sessions where you learn the spiraling, coiling full-body movements that are the hallmark of Chen Tai Chi

19 Form

Phase 4
Movement Series

19 Form and Master Ren’s 21 Form are prearranged series of movements that fortify and challenge your Tai Chi training while deepening your mind/body connection


Chi Force offers a complete training regimen for those new to Tai Chi and Qigong. Our unique program first introduces you to core principles and movements, and then engrains these fundamentals through proper standing and whole-body unified movement to optimize your energy flow, maximize your body’s functional power, and cultivate a deep mind, body, and spirit connection.

Maximum Functional Power

Optimal Qi Flow

Improved Mind, Body, Spirit Connection


“I recommend Tai Chi to my patients with neck and low back pain.”

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