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Chi Force is the premier online Tai Chi and Qigong school from world-renowned instructor and Tai Chi champion, Ren Guangyi

Chi Force teaches authentic body methods that underlie all styles of Tai Chi and Qigong practice and hold secrets to long-lasting health and well-being. Join us and discover the physical, mental and spiritual health benefits our Tai Chi and Qigong programs offer.
  • With membership, receive open admission to all our courses. Our program’s flexibility lets you have your choice of course, whenever you want through your mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Access to free live and previously recorded practice sessions
  • Discounts to live instructional events with Master Ren and the Chi Force instructors at  Beckoning Path meditation and wellness center located in Armonk, New York.

Ren Guangyi, 任廣義
is the celebrated master instructor and champion, trained directly by the founding family of Tai Chi, and the mentor to many luminaries across business, media, and the arts - including the legendary rock musician and poet, Lou Reed.

Industry-Leading Progressive Training

Chi Force offers a complete training regimen for those new to Tai Chi. Our unique program first introduces you to Tai Chi core principles and movements, and then engrains these fundamentals through proper standing and whole-body unified movement to optimize your energy flow, maximize your body's functional power, and cultivate a deep mind, body, and spirit connection.

Choose the right Chi Force course for you

Chi Force's training programs are available though our all-access membership or per your choice, as stand-alone courses. Are you new to Tai Chi, pregnant, an injured athlete, Yoga practitioner or dancer? Choose the course(s) that best targets your interest and needs.

If you do yoga, dance, Qigong, or Tai Chi you've come to the right place

Take your internal energy to another level with your choice of Chi Force courses

Standing Mountain

Silk Reeling

19 Form

Are you looking to improve your balance, posture, and strength from injury or a medical condition?

Regain balance, control, and daily strength with your choice of Chi Force courses

Tai Chi Fundamentals

Standing Mountain

Silk Reeling

Athletic and looking to avoid injury and preserve your physical fitness level?

Protect your hard-earned fitness level by avoiding injuries with your choice of Chi Force courses

Tai Chi Fundamentals

Standing Mountain

Silk Reeling

Are you pregnant and looking for safe and gentle exercise?

Enjoy a more relaxing, secure, and safe pregnancy with your choice of Chi Force courses

Tai Chi for Pregnancy

Tai Chi Fundamentals

Silk Reeling

Join Chi Force today and ignite your health, strength, and youthfulness

Become a member and enjoy live online classes

Our live, online classes support your learning with direct access to Chi Force instructors. As an all-access member of Chi Force, you’ll enjoy live virtual classes, designed to review course material. Live review and training, with Q&A speeds your progress, fortifying your practice every step of the way.

Stand-alone Courses

If membership is not for you, our courses are available as stand-alone purchases. Learn more about each individual course through our course catalog, and stay up-to-date with new course offerings.

All-Access Membership

Join our Chi Force community with an all-access membership where you can attend live online classes, receive automatic access to new courses, and receive priority registration to Master Ren’s seminars at Beckoning Path in New York.

“Whether you’re learning Tai Chi basics or an advanced form study, this community offers it all, especially, extremely helpful and friendly support at any time. I couldn’t be happier.”

Liz Applegate

Chi Force Student

Elinor Greenberg Ph.D.

“Your mind improves from the clarity you get from Tai Chi, and from feeling stronger, and more at home in your body.”



Dan Richman, MD

“I recommend Tai Chi to my patients with neck and low back pain.”




Birgit Elias, MD

“I’m doing Tai Chi together with my husband, and it is meditative and great.”





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