Phase 2 Posture and Strength

靜如山岳, 動如江河 “Be still as a mountain, move like a great river.”

The ancient practice of zhan zhuang or standing qigong, is described by Master Ren as Standing Mountain. The practice builds deep balance, calms the mind with stillness, while unblocking and stimulating the flow of qi, or internal energy, throughout the body. Standing Mountain is quintessential training for Tai Chi practitioners at all levels. The body positioning strengthens the muscles key to good posture, and relaxes the muscles that pull your body out of alignment. Additionally, it develops root, or stability that improves your balance and can prevent injury. Daily Standing Mountain practice leads to good health as your qi flow is optimized and the dantian, your storehouse of qi, energized. Standing Mountain is vital to bringing deep internal awareness, yin yang or softness and hardness of your body, and calmness of mind to each stage of your Tai Chi training such as Silk Reeling or Tai Chi’s version of qigong, prearranged movement series (forms), and partner training. As you incorporate Standing Mountain into your daily life, you may find the energizing and calming state it brings an essential part of your self-care and wellness routine.


  • Energetically and physically resets your system
  • Brings a calm state of mind and energizes the system
  • Optimizes qi flow and nourishes your internal organs
  • Improves posture, balance, and stability
  • Able to gain strength quickly especially in the lower body
  • Helps to relax neck and shoulders

Discover vitality, strength, and calm presented in a detailed, easy-to-learn video format.

Join Master Ren, and Chi Force’s Alan Bandes and Jon Miller as they delve deep into the details and benefits of Standing Mountain meditation. Follow along with Master Ren as he demonstrates and instructs how to hold each area of your body for proper positioning and optimal qi flow. Then review with Alan and Jon as they break down every detail with common challenges and how to overcome them.  Finally, practice along with Master Ren as you view Standing Mountain from multiple angles.

Optimal Qi Flow

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the optimal balance and flow of qi are essential to mental and physical health. Unlike any other form of exercise, Tai Chi’s has the unique capacity to balance and restore deficient areas of qi leading to increased energy and bodily function, and feeling more calm and grounded.

Additional Benefits:

  • Live Classes: Support your Tai Chi practice with online classes offered several times a month.
  • Forum Discussions: Meet other Chi Force members in your class and receive the answers to your questions from our instructors in our forums. We want your questions!
  • Convenience: Minimal space and no equipment are needed to practice.


  • What skill level is this course?
    This course is at a beginner level.
  • What course do I take next?
    After Standing Mountain, we recommend the Silk Reeling course, and Master Ren’s Standing and Shifting
  • How long do I have access to this course?
    You have lifetime access to the course if you purchase it. Otherwise, access is for the duration of your membership.
  • Is this video offered in different languages?
    Other languages are not offered at this time.
  • Am I able to have online sessions with the instructor?
    Live online classes are offered during the month for our Instructor-Guided Membership, you can purchase private lessons
  • Can I purchase this course or membership for someone else?
    Each course is available to purchase for you or another with a gift card.

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