Tai Chi and Qigong

Chi Force's Progressive Training Regimen

A complete training regimen for those new to Tai Chi and Qigong.

Our unique program first introduces you to core principles and movements, and then engrains these fundamentals through proper standing and whole-body unified movement to optimize your energy flow, maximize your body’s functional power, and cultivate a deep mind, body, and spirit connection.

All courses are available through our Chi Force membership, or can be purchased individually.

As a member, you can choose between two learning options: Self-Guided or Instructor-Guided. With the self-guided membership, you can learn at your own pace using the provided resources. Alternatively, the Chi Force Instructor-Guided membership offers the added benefit of attending online, weekly live sessions to help you practice Tai Chi and Qigong correctly and efficiently while providing in-depth feedback and support.


Phase 1

Phase 1 introduces you to Tai Chi and Qigong’s concepts, principles, and core movements. Examples include yin yang, opening and closing, sinking, and stepping and torso rotations. Phase 1’s programs are for beginners and are ideal supplements for Tai Chi and Qigong instructors in their own studios.

Learn the concepts, principles, and core movements of Tai Chi and Qigong including yin yang, opening and closing, sinking, and stepping and torso rotations.

In Awaken the Legs with Alan Bandes, learn a gentle routine that Master Ren developed to assist Alan in rehabilitation from major heart surgery.

Posture and Strength

Phase 2

Standing Mountain Qigong is the foundational course that teaches the posture and mind/body connection that underpin all Tai Chi and Qigong practice. Energy Sessions™ are daily practice routines developed by Master Ren.

This practice builds deep balance, calms the mind with stillness, while unblocking and stimulating the flow of qi, or internal energy, throughout the body.

In the lesson, Standing and Shifting, practice Tai Chi and Qigong as Master Ren does in an easy-to-follow session that requires little space and time.

Balanced Movement

Phase 3

Deepen your practice with Tai Chi Qigong Silk Reeling where you learn the spiraling, coiling full-body movements that are the hallmark of Chen Tai Chi.

Silk Reeling Qigong is a unified system of movement utilizing the entire body, and is characterized by circular, spiraling motions of the trunk and limbs.

In Shifting and Stepping, an adjunct lesson to Silk Reeling, start or end your day with a short, easy-to-follow session led by Master Ren that requires little space and time.

While this was developed as a safe and effective regimen for pregnant women, these gentle and relaxing Silk Reeling movements will strengthen your Tai Chi practice.

Movement Series

Phase 4

Forms are prearranged series of movements that fortify and challenge your Tai Chi training and deepen your mind/body connection. The forms in Phase 4 are suitable for beginners and intermediate.

19 Form is the foundational routine developed by Chen Xiaowang – the leading master from the original family that created Tai Chi centuries ago (and Master Ren’s personal teacher).

While many Tai Chi forms require a lot of space to practice, Master Ren developed this beginner form to be practiced in as little as 10 square feet of space.

Coming Soon: Explosive Power

Phase 5

These forms capture the explosive power and speed  Master Ren is well-known for in his Tai Chi.

Compact Cannon Fist

A fast-paced, short series featuring Tai Chi’s explosive power, Master Ren developed this form for Hugh Jackman to perform in the movie, The Fountain.

Tai Chi Saber

The Chen style saber or broadsword form is a challenging and fun way to further develop power, speed, and balance.

Member Testimonial

“The Chi Force Live sessions are small group sessions, and you just follow Stephan and Frances along, and they give valuable feedback, answer your questions, and provide helpful tips. Stephan and Frances are very capable teachers with solid Tai Chi and martial arts backgrounds and are very detail oriented and precise, but caring and patient, and great with beginners. They really want you to get it.

Robert K.

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