Gain the movement efficiency and power of Master Ren Guangyi’s 21 Form

Master Ren Guangyi is well known for his creation of a signature Tai Chi form, known as the  21 Form. He designed the routine for well-rounded Tai Chi practice within a limited space.

It was specifically created for residents of New York City, where apartments can be quite small. The compact and powerful movements of the 21 Form have won the hearts of many, including the legendary musician Lou Reed. He found the form so captivating and suitable for his daily practice, he was known to have practiced it before every concert performance.

Master Ren’s 21 Form

At Chi Force, our goal is to share the benefits of authentic Tai Chi and Qigong. We are proud to offer an exclusive, detailed course on Master Ren’s 21 Form.

Each technique is demonstrated in multiple angles with clear voice instructions. You can be confident that this highly detailed course will provide you with a thorough grounding in the extraordinary health-giving and strength-building body method of Tai Chi.

Additionally, our course presents how to do 21 Form in an extremely limited space, and in a natural, relaxed pace. It is designed to be accessible to all, so you can start your journey to better fitness and well-being.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons