Who is Tai Chi for?

Tai Chi is for everyone. It can be practiced gently as a meditative exercise or with power-building explosive movements called fajin.

Tai Chi and Qigong are functional exercise systems suitable for all ages, even for those whom are pregnant, or with chronic pain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and lower back pain.

Originally conceived as a martial art by a Chinese military officer in the Ming dynasty, Tai Chi has been practiced hundreds of years and is deeply ingrained in Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is practiced not only for defense, but for its numerous physical and mental health benefits.

What are Tai Chi's benefits?

Body Principles not Fitness Moves

Master Ren Guangyi, Alan, Jon practicing Tai Chi

“Tai Chi is about body principles, not memorizing a list of moves. The body is trained over time as a power base from which to work the physics of close combat. But it’s just as good for the physics of taking the stairs at work or improving performance in any sport that requires endurance, speed and balance.”

Power Base: This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Tai Chi, Kate Wingfield

Tai Chi and Qigong is done with concentrated intention combined with very precise movements that protect the joints, and strengthen the legs and postural muscles. It is ideal for anyone who is rehabilitating old injuries and wants to prevent new ones.

Engrained into the practice are the principles of yin and yang, or “soft” and “hard” which means that if a person exerts energy on one side of the body, the other side needs to remain opposite.

This hard/soft balance greatly increases joint mobility, flexibility, and use, and improves dexterity and strength.

Optimal Qi Flow

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the optimal balance and flow of qi are essential to mental and physical health. Unlike any other form of exercise, Tai Chi and Qigong have the unique capacity to balance and restore deficient areas of qi or “internal energy,” and clear obstructed meridians—all leading to increased energy and bodily function, and feeling more calm and grounded. When the body positioning is correct, the body naturally relaxes in certain areas yin and “soft.” while keeping engaged in other areas yang and “hard.” This allows qi to flow smoothly which calms the mind.

What to Expect with Chi Force?

Unlike traditional follow-along classes, Chi Force focuses on mastering fundamental body mechanics and concepts first. By understanding Tai Chi and Qigong, the actual practicing of the art form becomes a deeper, richer, more fulfilling experience.

At Chi Force, the goal is not to teach you many routines initially, but instead give you the foundation to practice each one well. Our approach at Chi Force this means that whether you are practicing weapons, learning longer and more complex routines, you are practicing better, and at a higher level, and are receiving more of the benefits that Tai Chi and Qigong have to offer.

At Chi Force, you will gain the foundational skills that will help you progress from:

  1. Learning underlying concepts and principles
  2. Standing and developing inner awareness
  3. Moving your body as one continuous unit
  4. Engaging in longer practice routines called forms

Other reasons to practice Tai Chi include:

  • No equipment is required. You can practice in a small space or large space.
  • You can set your own pace and intensity.
  • It’s noncompetitive.
  • Tai Chi can be practiced alone, with a partner, with a group, open-handed or with weapons, as a meditation, or sparring with others.
  • Tai Chi and Qigong are fun ways to move your body