Our Team

Meet the Chi Force Team


Ren Guangyi

Ren Guangyi is the famed master instructor dedicated to sharing classical Tai Chi. He is featured in our cornerstone Standing Mountain, Silk Reeling, and 19 Form courses.


Alan and Jon

Alan Bandes and Jon Miller are experienced martial artists and senior students of Ren Guangyi, featured in Standing Mountain and our unique Tai Chi Fundamentals course

Stephan Berwick

Stephan Berwick

Stephan Berwick is a senior martial artist and researcher with deep experience in Chinese martial arts, including Chen Tai Chi, offering live instruction and expertise across all our offerings

Frances Phelps

Frances Phelps

Frances Phelps is a devout Tai Chi practitioner and instructor who gained much benefit from her training during pregnancy, as captured in our unique Tai Chi for Pregnancy course