Reply To: Power Base: This isn’t your grandmother’s tai chi article

  • Robert

    January 25, 2023 at 11:49 am

    Hello again. My bad, it looks like I overlooked the link to this article on this website in the lead post on the websitee, “Why learn tai chi?” I must confess that I missed the hyperlink because the color contrast between the text of the website and the hyperlinks is very slight. Having said that, the other hyperlinks in the Why learn tai chi post are to very interesting articles on the health benefits of tai chi on health-related websites like scientific research articles on the National Institutes of Health’s PubMed website and the Mayo Clinic website. Perhaps I can just say that reading the Not Your Grandmother’s Tai Chi article is a great, short article about Chen style tai chi that is definitely worth your time reading, and my enthusiastic post is just another recommendation that you read it.