The Value of Chi Force Live classes

  • The Value of Chi Force Live classes

    Posted by Robert on May 25, 2023 at 12:25 pm

    Hello, I’ve been a Chi Force member (student) since October 2022, now seven months. I have been studying tai chi seriously for about eight years with different teachers, both in live classes, and since the Covid pandemic, in online classes on Zoom. Being an inveterate bookworm, I’ve also read a lot of books on tai chi and qi gong. I feel I may have some experience and knowledge to offer an observation to others on what may help a new tai chi student. One book I’ve read that is helpful is by a long time tai chi teacher, Michael Gilman (who teaches Yang style tai chi), 108 Insights into Tai Chi Chuan: A String of Pearls (YMAA Publication Center 1998). One of Mr. Gilman’s insights, No. 15, is: “Having a good teacher is so very important in learning Tai Chi. Books and videos can help, but offer no feedback. Respect your teacher and observe the rules. If you don’t feel you can do this, find another teacher.” I agree. This insight is so true. I have found that books and videos are helpful, but you need feedback to improve your tai chi. I think the Chi Force system is a good way to learn tai chi. I like the video lessons which help explain and demonstrate the practices, but to really learn the practices, you have to do it, that is, practice the practices, and you need feedback, or corrections. I think many people don’t like to be corrected because someone is telling you that you are doing something wrong, especially in the presence of others like on Zoom. Well, tai chi is not so easy, and chances are when you are starting out in tai chi, you are doing it wrong. One of the “secrets” of tai chi learning is that you need feedback and correction to do it right. For me, the Chi Force Live sessions are an integral part of the Chi Force learning system, and I have enjoyed the interaction with the Chi Force Live teachers, Stephan and Frances, who are not only accomplished tai chi practitioners, but are good teachers. I have taken almost every Chi Force live class since I signed up, and in every class, I have learned something useful from Stephan and Frances. Being corrected may take a little getting used to, like when Stephan told me that in doing a movement wrong, I was missing 40% of the movement. The correction was blunt, but honest. Looking back, I would rather suffer the indignity of receiving a blunt but honest correction rather than not being corrected and thus, continually doing a movement wrong going forward, that is, suffering the indignity of being watched and laughed at by others in the future for doing the same thing wrong over and over. In any event, I’ve gotten used to Stephan’s bluntness, which I now think is part of his charm. He and Frances want you to get it right, so they will tell you what you are doing wrong. They have sharp eyes and really pay attention on what you are doing (that is, if you are willing to turn on your video on Zoom), and that takes a lot of concentrated effort on their part. Having a good teacher demonstrate the right practices in class, and also watching what you individually are doing, are extremely helpful in improving your tai chi. You’ll probably get some intellectual understanding about tai chi by only watching the video lessons, but if you want to do tai chi, and do it right, the Chi Force Live classes really help. Real tai chi is about doing, not just watching.

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