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    Posted by Frances Phelps on April 18, 2022 at 7:20 pm

    The 19 Form starts teaching us how to release relaxed power or fajing with our punches, kicks, and stomping. From someone who has bruised the bottom their foot, I do not recommend thin-soled shoes. With form practice, we also learn to pay attention to the weight distribution on our feet in each posture and movement. Shoes that pronate feet forward, like running shoes, and that have too much cushioning on the bottom don’t allow me to keep my foot weight evenly distributed, or have enough tactile sensation from the ground. When I am trying on new shoes, I sink into my stance and shift left to right to see if the shoes provide enough stability. I also stand on one leg at a time to see how the shoes respond to my full body weight. I’ve found my preference is indoor soccer shoes with enough toe space to keep my toes relaxed. Now if you have a pair of shoes that work for you, please enjoy them. This is what I’ve discovered works for me, and can hopefully help others find the best shoes for their Tai Chi training.

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