Our Courses

The Chi Force curriculum has been carefully crafted to assure a positive student experience. In our course For Beginners, students begin learning the basic movements with associate instructors, Alan Bandes and Jon Miller. Intermediate Students are given a quick recap of the basic movements, then Master Ren will be your guide through the lessons such as Standing Mountain and the most popular method, Silk Reeling. For our lifetime practitioners, we offer unlimited access to all lessons mentioned above plus exclusive online events. Learn more about each different course below.

Chi Force Full Membership gives students access to the entire catalogue of lessons including fundamentals, Standing Mountain and Silk Reeling with Master Ren. Joining this community of students will help you obtain the powerful benefits of Tai Chi both mentally and physically and how to integrate this practice into your daily life. Start improving your strength, flexibility, balance and spirit today!

Full Membership

Our QuickStart course for Fall Prevention will teach students how Tai Chi can help them keep their balance, and avoid health problems, medications, and home-hazards that can set them up for a fall. And it provides specific ways to help improve balance and maintain mobility using Master Ren's signature techniques.

for Fall Prevention

Chi Force for Arthritis Relief teaches Master Ren's safe and gentle techniques for reducing pain related to arthritis, improving mobility, and regaining your confidence. In just 7 days you will learn techniques that can be applied to reduce the pain and discomfort related to living with arthritis.

for Arthritis