Course Progression

Fundamentals | Silk Reeling | Form Study

The Chi Force curriculum has been carefully crafted to assure a positive student experience. During Fundamentals, students begin learning the basic movements with associate instructors, Alan Bandes and Jon Miller. Afterward, students learn from Master Ren himself during Silk Reeling. Finally, advanced students are invited to join Form Study which is taught by Master Ren and his top associate instructors. Each course must be completed in order to move on to the next. Students are given the opportunity to review every class they have completed, but may only move ahead when a class and or course is completed.

Our Courses

Fundamentals. is a series of lessons that will help you understand the basics of Tai Chi principles both mentally and physically and how to integrate them into your daily activities. This series teaches how Tai Chi works for you in improving your strength, flexibility, balance and spirit.


Our Silk Reeling course is for students who have finished the Fundamentals section. It builds upon all the principles covered in the previous lessons. In the Silk Reeling, students will be ready to learn from Master Ren who will introduce students to theses carefully crafted exercises.

Silk Reeling

Form Study is a study of the classic forms of Chen Tai Chi as taught by Master Ren. Learn complete body exercises that work your muscles, stretch tendons and ligaments, lubricate your joints, improve your coordination, improve your posture and work your mind.

Form Study